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My specialties are product strategy, product portfolio strategy, product innovation, and product management. I am an Engineer and MBA, a former product manager at Nokia, a former managing consultant at Lotus Software and IBM, now turned tech entrepreneur.

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How To Assess Risk In Product Management

Introduction Risk is an integral part of product management. Under economic theory, it is this risk that drives the chance of reward (profit). If businesses would be risk averse, they’d stick their money in a bank account and never produce anything. This also means that the potential profit margin on a new product needs to outperform the option… Read More »

An MBA in Product Management

With over seven years of product management experience and an MBA under my belt, I wanted to share with you what I believe is the value of an MBA degree for people working in Product Management. There are not many MBA programs out there that have concentrations in Product Management, but if you pick the right courses, an MBA education… Read More »

7 Tips To Be A Successful Product Manager

I have spend numerous years in product manager jobs working in a number of high-tech companies. Over the course of my career I realized that most successful product managers exhibit a similar set of behaviors and skills that make them successful, but you will not find in the product manager job description. I’ll share them with you here.… Read More »

The 12 Milestones Of The Product Management Process

In this article I am going to describe the 12 milestones of the product management process in order to share best practices with the community. I’ll approach the product management process from a milestone (phase-gate) point of view, as most products are developed in a product development program and have a limited commercial lifespan. Also, this process assumes… Read More »